"Now these can GROW!.... Rise Goddess"  

Jerry Saltz  Senior Art Critic NY Magazine/ former Senior Art Critic Village Voice


"There is an evocative melody that resonates through all of Allison’s work, that marks it as distinctive.

Allison’s maternal sculptures with intricate patterns and textures reveal a competence that can only come from talent and countless hours of precision handwork. Her work exudes a quality that comes from within the soul and sparkles forth to delight and inspire.

Her bedazzled clay figurines draw us, the viewer in for a closer look, to be rewarded by the intimacy in mood effected by masterly use of ornate pattern that lulls us to a place somehow slightly new and filled with meaning."


Meg Saligman is an internationally recognized American artist. She is best known for large scale murals and has painted more than fifty murals internationally, including several of the largest murals in the United States.  Wikipedia